If you want to start installation, then:

Please use server local administrator account to install site server to bybass UAC prompts or disable UAC temporary for your administrative account. InstallSiteServer.ps1 uses PSEXEC to run PowerShell as the local system account

1. Download installation script: http://configmgrpsh.codeplex.com/

2. Unzip it and after that you will see ConfigMgr_Auto_Install folder

3. Under ConfigMgr_Auto_Install/Scripts you will find installation script, configuration file and an example of UnAttend.ini file

4. Set up the following folders:

a. ConfigMgr_Auto_Install/Software/ConfigMgr/MainFiles – put ConfigMgr 2007 installation files into this folder

b. ConfigMgr_Auto_Install/Software/ConfigMgr /Prereq – put Configuration Manager 2007 Prerequisites files into this folder. You can download these files, if you run: SETUP.EXE /Download C:\FOLDERNAME command

c. ConfigMgr_Auto_Install/Software/ConfigMgr/R3 – put Configuration Manager 2007 R3 installation files into this folder

d. ConfigMgr_Auto_Install/Software/HotFixes – put other hotfixes into this folder that you want to install

e. ConfigMgr_Auto_Install/Software/ - put other software into this folder like WSUS, DOTNET 4.0 and etc.

5. If installation files are OK, then configure for ConfigMgr Secondary site installation Unattend.ini file.


Configure in this file:

· Secondary site server site code

· Secondary site server name

· Prerequisites files

· Installation location

· Parent site code and server name

6. If Unattend.ini file and installation files are ok, then configure installation script configuration file.

7. Now start PowerShell.exe as an administrator (Start –> All Programs -> Accessories -> Windows PowerShell -> Windows PowerShell ->Windows PowerShell)

8. Type: Set-ExecutionPolicy 1 and press ENTER


After that type “Y” and press ENTER. Now go to installation script folder


And run the installation script with required parameters. Installation script accepts the following parameters:

· ConfigurationFile – Configuration file location

· Phase – Configure it to 1. 1 means that installation starts from the beginning

· DefaultUserName – Enter your user name, after reboot script continues

· DefaultPassword - Enter your password, after reboot script continues

· DefaultDomainName - Enter your domain name, after reboot script continues

· Help – prints out InstallSiteServer script information



Now you are ready to start installation!

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