Configuration file description


By default I have configured all the necessary server roles to install that are required for Configuration Manager 2007 Secondary Site Server. If you want to enable or disable server role installation, then change it to “Yes” or “No”.

Example ServerRoles configuration


If you want to add other server roles, then you have to know exact server role name that PowerShell uses. You can use Get-WindowsFeature PowerShell Command-Let to print out the server role names.


If you want to install other software as well, then describe it under AdditionalSoftware XML node e.g.


If you add other software, then fill the exact parameters like in the example below.

ConfigurationManager and HotFix

Under ConfigurationManager XML node describe where are ConfigMgr installation files and UnAttend.ini file location which is needed for ConfigMgr Secondary site installation. Under HotFix node describe what Hotfixes you want to install or not. R3 HotFix is required to install ConfigMgr 2007 R3.



Describe under IISFileTypes which file extensions you want to enable or not. If you don’t want to enable a file type in IIS, then configure it to “False



You can configure SMTP settings too, that after server installation it will send you an email with log file.


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